Polaris Plate Heat Exchangers for Cogeneration

Cogeneration harvests waste heat, magnifying the effects of energy expended in generation processes. In many situations, heat exchangers are essential components in cogen systems. And efficient, flexible Polaris Plate Heat Exchangers are excellent components in many such systems.

Plate Heat Exchangers Adapted to Cogeneration

Polaris units are well suited to the process for many reasons. Superior design and engineering help maximize the conservation effects of the cogeneration system. The compactness and light weight of Polaris Plate Heat Exchangers means that they can be installed virtually anywhere they’re needed in support of cogeneration work. They’re built to handle the temperatures and pressures that may be part of the process. And their strength and component quality make such installations long lasting and low on maintenance.

For expert help in integrating Polaris PHEs into any cogeneration design, please contact us. We’ll be glad to assist at any phase in the preparation of your cogeneration system.