Polaris Marine Plate Heat Exchangers

Polaris Plate Heat Exchangers have two main shipboard applications. The Polaris Fresh Water Generator Is a distiller utilizing heat from diesel engine jacket cooling water to produce pure drinkable water. It evaporates seawater under high vacuum, enabling the feed water to evaporate at temperatures below 48°C. Steam can also be used as the heat source instead of hot jacket water. The Polaris freshwater distiller is based on two titanium plate heat exchangers employed as an evaporator and a condenser.

Polaris Shell and Plate Exchangers for Fuel Oil Preheating

For pre-heating heavy maritime fuel oil, choose the Polaris Shell and Plate Heat Exchanger. Shell and plate heat exchangers have become the standard fuel oil heater on many ships. The plates in this highly efficient heat exchanger are laser/TIG welded to form the plate pack, which is then mounted inside a cylindrical shell. The pressure rating is PN16/PN25, and the maximum temperature is 250°C.

Aboard ship, where skilled repair may be many days away, the reliable, low-maintenance construction of Polaris Plate Heat Exchangers takes on special importance. For expert help in integrating Polaris PHEs into any marine design, please contact us.