Reliable Plate Heat Exchanger Construction

Careful attention to materials and craftsmanship means quality in every Polaris heat exchanger. Superb plate heat exchanger manufacture provides efficiency, low maintenance and long life from your Polaris unit.

Plate Heat Exchanger Construction Details:

  1. Plate-Lock positive alignment system
    A special locking lip in our exclusive Plate-Lock system secures plates together. The heat exchanger plates stay precisely aligned – and sealed - even at high working pressures.

  2. Plate sealing systems
    For all our applications, we provide positive sealing systems. Clip-Tite and Press-Tite glueless gaskets fit your specific needs.

  3. Heavy-duty frame heads
    Sturdy frame heads in the Polaris unit provide even plate pack pressure Welded reinforcements aren’t needed. And it’s fast and easy to open the heat exchanger.

  4. Versatile construction
    Bolted construction makes Polaris heat exchangers strong and accessible. Assemble and expand them with ease.

  5. Protective shroud
    Our safety shroud meets all applicable OSHA requirements. Choose insulated shrouds in humid locations to avoid condensation.

  6. Heat transfer plates
    Polaris heat exchanger plates feature heavy-duty stainless steel construction. Select the design that suits your custom heat transfer needs.

We focus on the plate heat exchanger construction details that will maximize the life and efficiency of your Polaris unit.

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