Polaris: Key Heat Exchanger Performance Advantages

Compact design

Polaris plate heat exchangers are lightweight and use limited floor space, so they’re easy, safe, fast, and economical to ship, handle, and install.

Close temperature approach performance

Countercurrent flow takes heat exchange media in opposite directions across the plate for the most efficient heat transfer.

No cross-contamination

Media circuits are individually gasketed. The area between is vented to the atmosphere. Result: no interleakage with Polaris plate heat exchangers.

Low hold-up volume

Inherent design advantages provide shorter response times and more accurate process control.

Minimum fouling

Uniform flow and high fluid turbulence with the Polaris plate design promote constant scrubbing action to reduce fouling.

Easy maintenance

Polaris plate heat exchangers provide low fouling and good drainage. Connections are made to the front; piping stays in place when units are opened.

Performance versatility

Multiple heating/cooling media can be run with divider sections installed in the heat exchanger.


To enlarge a Polaris heat exchanger, just loosen compression bolts and add the plates you need.

Water savings

Polaris plate heat exchangers economize on cooling water and work well even with poor water quality.

More fluid-related savings

Polaris PHEs cut valve, piping and pumping costs.

Greater heat exchanger performance efficiency

Plate heat exchangers from Polaris use less surface area to accomplish the same heat transfer as shell-and-tube exchangers.

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