About Polaris and Polaris PHEs

Plate & frame. Brazed. Safety-Pair double wall. Semi-welded. Plus a wide range of HVAC and specialty uses.

We make only plate heat exchangers, so we’re specialists in their applications. Even more important, we’re serious about service. You’ll find us prompt in responding to your quotation requests and delivery needs. Most designs are completed and faxed back within hours. And we can respond without difficulty to requests for special materials or unusual designs.

Most Polaris plate heat exchangers are manufactured at our plant in Louisville, Ky. They are carefully engineered to fit the custom demands of the individual jobs for which they’re selected. All of them embody the refined technology that makes our Plate Heat Exchangers exceptional in so many ways. They deliver efficiency, reliability and long life in dozens of demanding applications.

Our nationwide network of manufacturer's representatives for Polaris Plate Heat Exchangers is always at your service.

For more information, e-mail us or call 732-544-8800.