The Polaris Shell and Plate Exchanger

For specialized applications, the Polaris Shell and Plate Heat Exchanger delivers an engineered solution of great efficiency and effectiveness. Shell and plate units consist of an outer pressure vessel that encloses a fully-welded circular plate pack. The resulting heat exchanger is strong and compact. Like other welded heat exchangers, it is made gasket-free and without brazing. As such, it avoids the problems of leaks and corrosion that sometimes accompany gasketed construction.

The Polaris Shell and Plate Exchanger is an excellent selection for applications once filled by old-fashioned shell-and-tube heat exchangers. Compared to those types, the shell-and-plate design produces the same capacities in much lighter structures and far smaller footprints. Shell and plate exchangers also feature superior heat transfer. They work well at high temperatures and under high pressures. Through constant temperature and pressure cycling over many years, they are engineered to maintain complete structural integrity.

Polaris Shell and Plate Exchangers for Oil and Gas Applications

Like all Polaris units, shell and plate heat exchangers exhibit minimal fouling, close approach temperatures, and low maintenance requirements. Thanks to the excellent materials used in their construction, they stand up well to aggressive process fluids. They are often used in oil and gas production as well as other hydrocarbon processing applications.