The Polaris Sanitary Heat Exchanger

For food, dairy, and pharmaceutical processing, sanitary heat exchangers from Polaris combine low maintenance, high efficiency, and reliable separation of fluids. Plate gaps in Polaris sanitary heat exchangers are sized to reduce fouling. The main pattern creates the needed turbulence for effective heat transmission.

The compact construction and high thermal efficiency of Polaris Sanitary Plate Heat Exchangers are also important assets in the industries where they are used. Other advantages for sanitary applications are low volumetric hold up within units, and easy inspection. Plate materials can be tailored to the specific needs of the application.

Standard-Setting Sanitary Heat Exchangers from Polaris

In the food and dairy industries, sanitary plate heat exchangers are the established standard for heat exchange applications. They can be installed practically anywhere, can be designed and constructed to accommodate virtually any products. Most important, they surpass the toughest sanitary standards for human consumption. These attributes make them an equally favorable selection for pharmaceutical applications, where purity standards are at least as stringent. 3A designs are available. Contact us for design and engineering details related to your sanitary heat exchange application.