Polaris All-Welded Plate Heat Exchangers

For applications requiring aggressive media at high temperatures and pressures, Polaris All-Welded Exchangers are the definitive choice. The plate pack is all-welded and gasket free, helping to limit problems with leaks and corrosion through years of effective service.

Like all Polaris units, the distinctive plate patterns create high turbulence with resulting exceptional heat transfer efficiency. Unlike some other plate heat exchangers, the absence of gaskets makes the units even more compact. Minimal fouling, close approach temperatures, and low maintenance requirements are characteristic of every Polaris All-Welded Exchanger.

All-Welded Exchangers in Corrosive Environments

In many corrosive operating situations, the All-Welded Exchanger performs well. And because of its compactness, it’s a highly versatile unit. Employ the All-Welded Exchanger in condenser applications on reactors, or for condensers or reboilers with distilling and stripping columns. It’s ideal for many other heat exchanger applications.