Free-Flow Heat Exchangers

Polaris Free-Flow Plate Heat Exchangers accommodate viscous fluids or those containing fibrous materials or larger particles. Wide-channeled horizontal ribbed pattern with no metal-to-metal contact allows free flow of particles that can block other heat exchangers.

In many ways, Free-Flow Heat Exchangers are similar in function to conventional plate heat exchangers. They are suitable for many heating, cooling and heat recovery applications in a wide range of industries. Despite their specialized construction, the units can easily be disassembled to replace gaskets or to take care of other maintenance. And like all Polaris products, they are also highly efficient, reliable, and easy to operate.

Specialized Applications for Free-Flow Heat Exchangers

However, their distinctive engineering and construction makes them ideal for specialized applications. They are used in pulp and paper production; processing of beet sugar; beer mash processing at breweries; and sludge processing, which includes a gamut of applications such as quenching oil, plating solutions, and work with crystals. Food processors use free-flow heat exchangers for heating and cooling in grain processing. The units are also used in producing ethanol and in textile mills.