Polaris Semi-Welded Plate Heat Exchanger: For Tough Processes and Fluids

Polaris Semi-Welded Plate Heat Exchangers handle the jobs conventional plate exchangers can’t touch – including ammonia refrigeration, CFCs, HCFCs, and aggressive process fluids. Resistant to stress and leakage, our semi-welded plate heat exchangers employ matched plate pairs (or cassettes) to isolate refrigerant or process fluids from the gasketing. And Polaris Semi-welded Exchangers are so efficient they need just one-fifth the refrigerant required by shell-and-tube exchangers to do the same work!

As with other Polaris PHEs, the plate pack is assembled between a static frame plate and a pressure plate. Bolts are tightened to compress the pack.

Semi-welded heat exchangers: flexible protection

Semi-welded units are as flexible as any gasketed heat exchangers while providing the protection against leaks of welded units. This type of heat exchanger uses a unique approach. Alternating channels are welded, then gasketed. Polaris semi-welded plate heat exchangers feature gaskets engineered to stand up to aggressive media. Non-aggressive media passes through gasketed channels. Despite partial welded construction, the unit can easily be disassembled to replace gaskets or to take care of other maintenance. Like all Polaris products, they are also highly efficient, reliable, and easy to operate and maintain.

Semi-Welded Heat Exchanger features

  • Laser-welded plate cassettes
  • Welds running outside the gasket groove for corrosion protection and increased heat transfer area
  • Superior sealing capability
  • Improved sealing under higher pressure
  • Easy cleaning

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