The Benefits: Cleaning Up with Bernoulli Filters

Installations worldwide prove the multiple benefits of Bernoulli Filters. Most basic is the protection our units provide to Plate Heat Exchangers (PHEs) and other systems that are sensitive to contamination. In achieving this they deliver essential advantages for many users:

  • A true self-cleaning filter. Our filters limit costs, maintenance, downtime and operating headaches. There’s rarely a shutdown needed to clear them – every flushing eliminates the dirt they catch. They stay at peak function with minimal attention.
  • Reliable system protection. Bernoulli Filters are ideal system safeguards for PHEs. They prevent clogging and fouling otherwise caused by waterborne debris. This reduces cleaning and maintenance, avoids damage, keeps equipment in action, and cuts costs.
  • Water expense reduction. Since Bernoulli filters slash the need to use processed water, they radically reduce or even eliminate water supply expenses. Savings over the life of the system can be huge.
  • Conservation considerations. By using river, lake or seawater, Bernoulli Filters save the time, energy and chemical treatment needed to purify water.
  • Performance in tough environments. When specified with rugged GRP bodies, Bernoulli filters defy problems that seawater or other raw water resources can cause.
  • A simple device. Bernoulli Filters are easy to install and simple in general. So they save money and eliminate operating problems.
  • Technical advantages. Our filters provide low and constant pressure drop, as well as low flushing pressure. These technical benefits help keep systems working right.

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